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heads up: you are not special

I have a damn problem with the title “influencer”. Why? Because lately it’s being so widely as the answer to “what do you do?”. To create influence you need to identity what it is that you will be influencing. “Influencing people has been a 150-year study in the world of marketing.” Terry O’Rielly deep dives on influencer marketing in one of the best researched articles (and podcast): “we now have a subset of marketing called Influencers. They are regular people who have amassed huge social media followings. They offer tips, give advice and recommend products.”

Just so we are clear:

An influencer is someone who can influence a thought or behaviour in someone else.

While we discussed the role of influencers in marketing, a client said to me: “just because I really love food doesn’t make me an expert enough to open a restaurant”. Which reminded me of the article “Just do what you love” is terrible career advice. Finding that “sweet spot” where you can have influence on someone’s opinion first means that you need to have something to share that someone else is looking for.

To identify your niche, become an “expert” and be passionate about what you do takes time — it implies going through the process of discovering and building, and that can take years. Patience and hard work is the key to real knowledge, and real knowledge is what influences.

When you find an interest that sparks intense curiosity and then turns into obsession, you will fall in love with that interest in the process of indulging it. Now that’s something worth sharing.

Document, and then choose what to share and when to share your process and knowledge of your development. Share it in the format that is most comfortable to you.

This is a process, tame your FOMO. 
There’s no rush, internet is not going anywhere. 

You do not need a title to create influence, we are all influencers, just at different stages of our development. Build Content with intention.


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