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Join me as I start the conversation on a modern approach to marketing, and how tapping into our shared vulnerabilities as humans can create greater connection for your brands.
May 18, 2017


Tapping into your emotional intelligence of your brand
Maison Notman House
51 Sherbrooke Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1X2 
Free conversation hosted by Women or Wonder

In this fast pace every changing world we’re swimming through the "noise" trying to find something to connect with. Something that resonates and impels with us to be better, to feel fulfilled, to be part of something bigger. This is where marketing practices come in because these are all about connections.

When I first started my career in marketing I became obsessed with a question: why does the advertising work? Brené Brown talks about how real connections are forged through empathy, and so what makes your marketing work is how people connect with it. 

Over the last 15 years of working in branding and marketing circles I have come across countless reasons why most marketing efforts are ineffective. Most people are misguided in their marketing strategies. For example we’re told to push aside any type of emotional information when developing strategies, whereas in truth plays a very big part in business.

Emotional intelligence means understanding your audience’s basic humanity. When you combine emotional intelligence and business intelligence you start asking better questions about how you can connect your brand with people. This is THE key to long-term sustainable marketing practices for your brand.

And last but never the least, Elvis Prestley is NOT dead people, wake-up! If he was how come he’s still heard on the radio?... Think about it. All this and more at Notman house, where the weird meets the wild and the wild is never mild.

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